The Winds Of Wint left us with some of the greatest revealing moments and out of all what stood as the highlighting point when we saw Cersei in a whole different avatar. A look that hinted towards her motives of destruction, but that didn’t give us the slightest bit of an idea about the change King’s Landing and the show of Seven Kingdome would be experiencing in future. With Cersei now sits on the Throne, the game has certainly turned nasty and a sort of feeling she gave from the very beginning in the episode “The Winds Of Winter” stood throughout the show because of her look, the way she is dressed.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10- Cersei Lannister

Speaking of her costumes, we realized that HBO has considered “The Winds of Winter” and has sent for its Emmy Nominations in the category of best costumes. The costumes and the get-up have been designed by GOT former costume designer Michele Clapton when in an interview with Vulture and talked a bit about Cersei’s crown and says it symbolizes her latest being and her altered persona as she has gained more power.

“I chose to make it in silver with just wisps of gold to try to show her isolation, her mental disentangling from her family. There is no reference to [her late husband, Robert] Baratheon; there is no need anymore. She doesn’t have to try and prove a link. The center of the crown is the lion sigil abstracted — its mane represents the Iron Throne, her desire. She has made it her own — she is reborn.”

Well, she even stated her ideologies over the contrast of Cersei’s costume that keeps on varying in the different situation and mentioned it as the reason for her mood. Michele thinks she would wear too much cloth and ornament when she is less confident and stays simpler when she is sure and certain about herself. Now this reflects not just to her persona but her actions that have brought her family to an end. She did live for her children and with the death of Tommen, she has completely got empty from the inside, “She is dead inside” said Michele. Elaborating a bit she talked about her newfound confidence, “There can now be a clarity to her desire: power, the throne, on her terms.”

Cersei Lannister sitting on the Thrones itself proves that many things starting from rule to the duties are going to change and the Seven Kingdoms will see an era nothing more terrifying than this. So we can only hope that this 10-month long wait for season 7 gets passed away soon and we finally get to see what’s on the other side of the finale episode we all experienced.