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Discover what you should eat if you are a patient with kidney failure. It’s complicated but not impossible. The renal failure is a medical problem that can greatly complicate the life of the sufferer. If you have been diagnosed as a patient with kidney failure you should know that you must take care of your diet to the fullest. The fact that you follow the instructions and care of your doctor depends on having a good quality of life. We know that it is not simple, but think that, in exchange for some adjustments, you will obtain a healthier life.

Keep reading that we will give you some guidelines. In case you are not the patient, but if you make the decisions about the diet in your home, this guide will also help you.

What is it to Be a Patient with Kidney Failure?

The first thing you should know as a patient with kidney failure is that this problem has to do with the capacity of your kidneys. As you know, the kidneys are responsible for cleaning the blood of toxins and waste. When the kidneys function properly, they can perform this job on a regular basis. However, when you eat unhealthy or add many toxins to your body this function is affected. The immediate result is that the toxins return to the blood and contaminate it. To reduce the effect is necessary that the diet is adapted avoiding harmful products and foods.

Monitor Your Protein Consumption

A normal person usually requires about 200 grams of protein. However, a patient with kidney failure should only consume 100 to 125 grams of lean meat and 140 to 150 grams of fish. Although proteins are necessary to maintain the correct density of the muscle, in excess it is difficult to process for the organism. It is recommended that the proteins you consume are mostly good quality vegetables. Patients who are in more severe conditions may need to limit their intake of animal protein to a maximum of twice a week. Those who will start a dialysis process should slightly increase the consumption of meat a few days before.

The latter has the function of improving the quality of the blood. In this case they are recommended: eggs, chicken, turkey and other birds, as well as lean pork. Ideally, your doctor will indicate the exact amounts of protein to consume. Although there are general indicators, your nutritionist or doctor will give you the precise measurements according to your exact condition, the phase of your treatment, weight and height and the treatments to follow.

Limit Phosphorus Consumption

Another requirement for a patient with renal insufficiency is the minimum consumption of phosphorus. Although phosphorus is vital for the formation of teeth and bones, it is difficult to eliminate excess. When this happens, the bones will begin to lose calcium and weaken. Therefore, the onset of osteoporosis can be accelerated. The ideal is that you reduce the consumption of milk and derivatives, nuts, whole grains and beans among others. Although these are necessary foods, it is important that your doctor point out the correct amounts. Also, try to consume only versions of excellent quality. For example, when choosing the nuts, opt for those without salt and without another addition. You should also remember that there are other high phosphorus products that you should avoid to the maximum:

  • Beer
  • Refreshments
  • Cocoa and chocolates

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Carbohydrates

A patient with kidney failure may consume carbohydrates for energy. If your health allows it and you do not have another problem, like diabetes, they are a good alternative. Of course, remember to choose the sources of complex carbohydrates. The most important thing is that you avoid processed foods in any presentation. Some options are: vegetables, bread, fruits and seeds. If you want to consume some sweet carbohydrate, choose:

  • Honey bee
  • Brown sugar
  • Maple syrup
  • Jelly
  • Agave honey

With sweets, it is important that you ask your doctor for the amounts. Also, always check labels to make sure you do not add extra sodium or phosphorus.

Control the Amount of Water you Consume

“A common recommendation for anyone is to drink enough water”.

However, a patient with kidney failure should control the amounts. This is necessary because water forces the kidneys to function and kidney failure affects that work. When considering the water you consume, take into account:

  • Gelatin
  • Waters and infusions
  • Soups
  • Ice creams
  • Fruits

If you have insufficient renal, remember to follow the instructions that your doctor recommends to you to the letter. In parallel, you can use the recommendations we have offered you.


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