There are so many of the scenes and sequences in the whole of Season 6 that are so visually stunning and are a treat to experiences. Moments such as Jon rising up from the dead, Tyrion’s encounter with the Dragons, Hodor getting killed by the Wight, Daenerys climbing her dragons to burn the ships attacking Meereen etc were some of the highlights from season 6. But the stand-alone sequence from the entire season 6 was last Sundays battle between the two bastards of the north in Battle of The Bastards and thrill of the battle certainly reached out to us as it showcased some of the best actions so far and definitely the downfall of the Ramsey Bolton. But the whole making of the battle as we can image took a great effort and labor to create such mayhem and conflict only to get the righteous home of Winterfell to the righteous people.

Game Of Thrones 6 Making Of Battle Of The Bastards

And the makers of the show have always been very much eager to showcase what they felt was their best from every season and hence the production bring us another season 6 Anatomy of A Scene, the special behind the scene footage compiled of all the scene that were the productions best work, which explains every single aspects such as the VFX, costumes, the production, directing the actors, actor prep etc. watch the whole thing here as the makers explains it here.

The show was certainly wasn’t going to leave the Battle of the Bastard making been presented to the world as this is one of the most remarkable Battle been shot every on the show and to a certain extent such an extensive battle has never been experimented on tv so far which could give a real taught to even a film’s battle sequence. The first Anatomy Of A Scene this here had been the heartbreaking Cave Battle from Episode “The Door” and now it’s the showdown between Jon and Ramsey. The makers certainly were quite aware of how significant it was to build up the tension in each part and not just threw away the victory in once hand. Some certainly had to die (Wun Wun) and some were brought to the absolute rise as Jon Snow, who was almost going to die as he came of his own people. When he had almost given up during the battle realizing they are all going to be dead soon, that’s when we saw him rise back taking a big gulp of air to the old Jon Snow that he was. Though we did miss that Ramsey would at least try to give him some punches so that Jon could give those back with even more force, but as we all he didn’t really give Ramsey that kind of an opportunity.

None the less the Battle would be season 6 most exciting and remembered moments, also Miguel Sapochnik’s second best-directed episode in the series, the first one being “Hardhome”. We now set out a course to the finale of the season 6 the coming Sunday on June 26, 2016, with “The Winds of Winter”.