From the very beginning of season 6, the show this year has shown a tremendous growth in the viewership numbers compared to the last season which is quite fortunate that every year we see somewhat rise in the viewing number of the audience from across the world. But still one more episode to go before Season 6 comes to close this Sunday, HBO has officially confirmed few reports on USA Today that the viewership numbers of the show has crossed the count of 23+ million viewers watching the show from every single platform (official airing, repeat, DVR and Online Streaming) for each episode.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Total Viewrship Numbers

Which actually broken the season 5 viewing record of 20 million and thus the season 6 has shown the viewership rising up to 15 %. Looking back at the season 6 premiere episode which was on average had larger audience growth by 6 % then the preview year. The data’s allowed us to look at the graph which had seen the growth of viewers coming in and watching the show by streaming it online and especially through HBO Now and HBO GO with about 70% of the audience, whereas the on-demand and Tv covered only 4% of the viewers throughout the season. In fact, the Channel states that their online streaming service has got 800,000 subscribers by the beginning of 2016 and grew even more towards the start of season 6.

This certainly shows us how viewers have been divided and changed their viewing practice Because more people seems to have been watching the show online then preferring it watched glued to the television sets. Well, this majorly took place after HBO Now got available for everyone and was no more just a privileged for the Apple Users. Which in fact even should us the result last Sunday night during the streaming of Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastard, where the service crashes down in the middle of the episodes run.

This only shows how the more n more people are getting involved with the show each year that too at its 6 years, now that’s a kind of an achievement to count on. well, we still have one more episode remain to see this Sunday, the Season’s finale “The Winds Of Winter” scheduled to broadcast on June 26, 2016, only on HBO Networks and Streaming Channels.