Ingredients in Fat-Burning Soup that Stimulate Weight Loss!

Weight Loss

During a week we can take this broth with fresh vegetables in good quantities every time we feel hungry. After those seven days, we will resume our normal diet. Have you ever heard of fat-burning soup? It is not common to find soup recipes that help you lose weight, but we can assure you that this recipe is very good for all those who want to consume a soup that helps them lose weight. The “fat-burning” soup has become popular in recent years. Contains ingredients that stimulate weight loss and allow a healthy diet without having to undergo strict diets or weight loss plans that can ultimately affect health.

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“This powerful purifying soup is a support for the elimination of toxins from the body and to fight the retained liquids”.

In addition, it favors the reduction of volume and fat to improve the figure and enjoy better health. The idea of ​​preparing this soup “burn-fat” is to consume it for 7 days in a row in which you will lose weight; after these 7 days, you should resume normal eating and eat healthy foods to have a balanced weight.         

What is the “Fat-Burning” Soup for Weight Loss?

Fat-burning soup is a very healthy way to lose weight in a short time and detoxify the body of all those accumulated substances that affect our health and influence our weight. It consists of preparing a broth based on fresh vegetables, which can be taken in good quantities every time you feel hungry.


  • ½ cabbage or cabbage: This vegetable is rich in potassium, sulfur, calcium and other acid mineral salts. Its regular consumption helps fight constipation problems and also improves the health of the skin. Each 100 grams of cabbage or cabbage provide only 40 calories.

  • 6 large onions: The onion is known for its high depurative power; helps cleanse the body and eliminate those toxic substances that can affect health. It contains a good amount of water, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus. It is especially recommended to combat fluid retention and eliminate excess uric acid. 100 grams of cooked onion provide only 20 calories.
  • 6 tomatoes: This vegetable is known worldwide for its high antioxidant and diuretic power, which helps revitalize the body and eliminate the waste substances that are accumulated in the body. Tomatoes also contain a significant amount of potassium, phosphorus and chlorine. For every 100 grams they only contribute 19 calories.
  • 3 stalks of celery: This food has a high diuretic power, which helps to fight excesses of uric acid in the body. It is rich in potassium, in addition to chlorine, sulfur, copper, calcium and sodium. Each 100 grams of celery provide 19 calories.
  • 2 green peppers: Peppers are rich in antioxidants and contain a lot of vitamin C. Thanks to its high fiber content; peppers provide a feeling of fullness and help prevent constipation. Each 100 grams of peppers have only 10 calories.
  • Salt or spices: In case of using salt, it is recommended that it be marine or from the Himalayas. However, you can also choose to use different spices such as oregano, turmeric, or pepper, among others.

How to Prepare the “Fat-Burning” Soup?

  • With all the ingredients mentioned, you will prepare the amount of ” fat burning ” soup needed for the day. To do this, you should cut the vegetables into small dice and then put them in a pot with enough water. Keep in mind that the water must occupy twice as much space as the vegetables do.
  • Cover the pot and put over medium-low heat so that the vegetables are steamed until well cooked. Finally, you should only remove it from the fire.
  • If you have soup, you can freeze it and reheat it to consume it the next day. You can drink this soup cold or hot every time you feel hungry.

How should you take the Fat-Burning Soup?

The idea is to take this soup “burn-fat” for 7 days in which the body will be detoxified and its benefits will be received. In the first two days, whenever you feel hungry you should eat only soup and drink water or natural juices. On the third day, and until the seventh, other necessary foods will be added to the diet, such as those that provide protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Among these foods you can include: cereals, lean meats, legumes, fruits and other vegetables that are different from the soup.


This fat-burning soup serves as a support to burn lipids and lose weight effectively, as long as it is carried out under the given recommendations. This feeding plan should not be maintained for more than 7 days, since the soup does not have all the essential nutrients.

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