How does Legumes Contribute Towards a Healthy Diet?

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Add proteins, better intestinal transit … what other benefits does eating vegetables have? Legumes are a type of vegetable, specifically seeds or fruits of plants. Among the most common and consumed are beans, soybeans, lentils and chickpeas. For a long time it was thought that it was advisable to limit legumes in the diet because they made you gain weight. However, this is false.

“The only thing you should consider is that your carbohydrate intake is high so you should watch the quantities. So, you will not have any weight problem”.

Take the recommended amount for your weight and height. Also, keep in mind your physical activity.

1. Vegetables in the Diet Provide High Amounts of Vegetable Protein

The first reason to add legumes to the diet is that they contain high amounts of vegetable proteins. Protein is vital for cell development and the creation of muscle mass in the body. In case you are testing with the vegetarian diet, either for pleasure or for health reasons, adding protein can be complicated. To overcome this difficulty, add more legumes. This intake of vegetable protein is also important if you are looking to accelerate your metabolism to lose weight. The reason is that diets high in protein increase your body’s ability to burn fat after eating.

2. Your Bowel Activity Will be More Regular

Do you have problems to eliminate toxins and maintain a correct intestinal transit? The best way to accelerate the cleansing of your intestines is by consuming the correct amounts of dietary fiber. In that sense, you should know that when you include legumes in the diet you get this type of fiber. For example, a cup of cooked lentils provides 16 grams of fiber. This will help you to maintain your ideal weight or reach it faster when you are trying to lose weight. Remember that sometimes, these extra Weight are not really accumulated fat but remains of food that have not been used by the body or eliminated.

3. You Will Feel Sated with Less Food

In addition to losing Weight to improve intestinal transit, adding legumes in the diet will make you feel sated for several hours without having to eat more than necessary. This is an effect derived from the fiber that they contain. If you have already tried to lose Weight, surely you have tried foods such as whole grains and seeds (such as chia). An equally simple and economical option is to include a portion of legumes. It has been proven that those who eat beans on a regular basis have a much lower risk of developing obesity and overweight. A study that followed almost 1500 participants over eight years yielded these results.

4. Cholesterol Levels are Reduced and Your Cardiovascular Health Improves

Another benefit of adding legumes to your diet is that by consuming them regularly, you reduce your LDL cholesterol levels. This is the one that causes damage to the heart and is related to obesity and all the problems that result from this condition.

However, you must remember that the simple consumption of these foods is not enough to keep you healthy. To ensure your health, it is important that you include a daily sports session and an appropriate diet. In this way, you will keep your blood pressure, inflammation and triglyceride levels stable. If you are already having problems with your cardiovascular health, it is important that you attend a specialist and follow their recommendations.

5. You Will Stabilize Your Glucose Levels

Are you dealing with blood glucose problems? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes? These are very common problems caused by the current lifestyle, which often includes processed foods and too many sugars. However, you should know that including natural and healthy foods such as legumes is a good alternative to control these levels. This is because the glycemic index and sugars of legumes are low. Just remember that you must watch the quantities you consume. Although, they contribute few sugars or are high in carbohydrates. For this reason, when you consume vegetables you should make sure you have enough physical activity.

The ideal time to consume vegetables is during the morning or afternoon. Try to avoid them at night because it is the time when you have less physical activity.

What are your favorite vegetables? Regardless of which ones you like the most, remember that it is vital to consume them as natural as possible. Avoid canned and processed options and opt for healthy preparations.


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