Diet to Lose Fat Without Starving or Spending Hours in the Gym!

Weight Loss

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Starting a diet to lose fat does not mean you have to give up a group of foods or spend all day based on fluids. On the contrary, the intention is to improve our way of life and maintain it over time. If you have uncontrolled cravings or feel extreme fatigue, you will hardly be able to maintain this diet for more than a week. When we want to lose weight and maintain our line for the rest of our lives we must make very important decisions. In addition to having a strength of will strong enough to not decay in times of weakness.

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Diet to Lose Fat

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis diet to lose fat is to not feel hungry or anxious. In this way you can choose intelligently the foods that you will incorporate into your body. Are you interested in knowing a little more? Keep reading, because here we tell you some tips that will help you lose fat in a healthy way. And most importantly … forever!

What are your Eating Habits and Physical Activity

Having some habits, such as being a little sedentary or feeding incorrectly, can cause a buildup of fat in our abdomen. Therefore, a change is necessary. We cannot wait for the great miracle of getting rid of accumulated fat for several years in a few days without effort.

“Especially it is about avoiding some foods that have the property of retaining liquids or storing fat”.

Sure, you are thinking about the foods that you like, do not despair. There are alternatives that have the same flavor and give you more in return. Like French fries, if you like them, you can consume them. Everything depends on the way it is made, if you spray it with vegetable oil and cooks it in the microwave, instead of frying it; you can reduce more than 50% of fat.

How to Acquire New Habits

You have to acquire healthy habits. If at this moment you have to lose fat from your body, it is possible that it is due to some bad eating decisions or attitude towards physical activities. A change of activities always costs, but the intention of this diet to lose fat is that each of the good changes you are making becomes a habit. This way it will not cost you to follow it. Even if you do not believe it, your body and your state of mind will ask you to go for a walk or run. Choosing one or the other food will be very simple, simply because your body will be used to healthy foods. Perhaps you have heard the saying: “From saying to fact there is a long way” and even more when it comes to incorporating new healthy habits related to food and physical activity.

How Long Does it Take to Acquire a Habit?

Starting from the fact that every change of habit will require your will, there are measures that will cost you more than others. But do not despair because everything will be a matter of time. Eating a daily piece of fruit or going for a run every morning will require a different effort from you. However, after a time of doing it, you will be able to do everything that you have proposed today without any effort. It is popularly known that you need 30 days for a new activity or a different way of feeding to become a new habit. There are studies that seek to provide concrete answers about how long it takes to acquire a new habit. When these are related to following a diet to lose fat.

University College London (UCL) has conducted a study on the acquisition of new habits. According to Jane Wardle, a co-author of the research, if you repeat something day after day it becomes an automatic reaction. Once you manage to automate a good habit you do not even need to think about it, you do it without any effort. The study involved about 100 people and the habits to incorporate were very different from each other, from reading 30 minutes a day to running this time or drinking a glass daily at a certain time. Researchers have come to the conclusion that the complete automatism of a habit is achieved after 66 days of practice. This figure is an average of all the results. Get a drink every day maybe you can automate it in a week and go running in 3 months.

New Habits to Incorporate in a Diet to Lose Fat

The important thing is to know that you can, that it is scientifically proven that our neurons can help us in this process of following a diet to lose fat and be successful. Do not worry if you miss some days, go back to the plan and stick to it. The perseverance is worth it, because after two months it will not cost you to do it. If you notice that there are many changes at a time, what you need to do begins one by one in each week. Take for example, a change of activity or food that will not cost you much effort to do it. Then incorporate another that needs your best effort, so you can incentivarte with short goals.

Healthy Habits Recommended to Succeed

There are some healthy habits that help you to follow a diet to lose fat without effort. Here we tell you some of them:

  • Increase the amount of water you drink daily, up to two liters per day. This quantity must exclude natural juices.
  • Reduces the intake of foods based on refined flours, industrial foods, sweets, etc.
  • Make a list of the food you need after eating. Stick to it when you go to the supermarket. Sometimes our mood or anxiety can interfere with the choice of food.
  • Try to cook the meals you eat in your own home. There are menus that are very quick to prepare, provide many nutrients and low in calories.
  • Diminish or discard little by little the salt of your table. You will see how you feel lighter, because you will avoid retaining liquids. Replace it with other condiments so that your meals are not bland.
  • Incorporate exercises into your daily routine. Daily walking half an hour helps the body’s health improve. Change the elevators up the stairs, get off the bus one stop before, these little tricks will help you walk a little more.
  • Starting a diet to lose fat does not mean you have to stop trying bites. You just have to learn to choose better foods. If you go hungry, you cannot have the freedom to choose. The cravings will lead you to choose the least convenient and you will not have escape.

In contrast, if you meet four meals a day, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, you can think better. The key is to consume smaller portions but not skip any breakfast or dinner.

Foods That You Should Include in a Diet to Lose Fat

Nature provides us with foods that are very rich in nutrients. If we include them in our diet daily, not only will they help us lose fat, but it will drastically improve our health.


This fruit is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium in addition to magnesium and vitamins that can satiate for longer. When you eat them as a snack in the middle of the morning or the afternoon, you will shorten your desire to continue eating and wait until the next important meal without uncontrollable shocks.


This fruit has a large amount of nutrients, as well as flavonoids, vitamin C and especially beta-carotene. Therefore, it is ideal to incorporate it into our breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal. Or at dinner combined with a beet shake.


Seafood is rich in vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fat; therefore, it allows us to prevent fat from accumulating in our body. It is highly recommended to incorporate it into our diet to lose fat even three times a week.


The tomato acts as a good depurant, so if you want to remove the fat from your body, you have to include this fruit in all your salads and sauces.


The existence of fiber and other nutrients, make this fruit give us more satiety. With one fruit a day is enough to feel satiated.


This vegetable combines with all kinds of foods. It has vitamin C, calcium and helps us lose weight because it purifies our blood.


This fruit manages to regulate our metabolism; therefore, if you find them in the grocery stores of your neighborhood you have to incorporate them into your diet. Its richness in antioxidants, really help improve our overall health. It improves the digestion and circulatory system by decreasing the levels of cholesterol and uric acid in the blood.