Experience The Making of Battle of The Bastard of Season 6 in Anatomy Of A Scene


There are so many of the scenes and sequences in the whole of Season 6 that are so visually stunning and are a treat to experiences. Moments such as Jon rising up from the dead, Tyrion’s encounter with the Dragons, Hodor getting killed by the Wight, Daenerys climbing her dragons to burn the ships attacking Meereen etc were some of the highlights from season 6. But the stand-alone sequence from the entire season 6 was last Sundays battle between the two bastards of the north in Battle of The Bastards and thrill of the battle certainly reached out to us as it showcased some of the best actions so far and definitely the downfall of the Ramsey Bolton. But the whole making of the battle as we can image took a great effort and labor to create such mayhem and conflict only to get the righteous home of Winterfell to the righteous people.

Game Of Thrones 6 Making Of Battle Of The Bastards

And the makers of the show have always been very much eager to showcase what they felt was their best from every season and hence the production bring us another season 6 Anatomy of A Scene, the special behind the scene footage compiled of all the scene that were the productions best work, which explains every single aspects such as the VFX, costumes, the production, directing the actors, actor prep etc. watch the whole thing here as the makers explains it here.

The show was certainly wasn’t going to leave the Battle of the Bastard making been presented to the world as this is one of the most remarkable Battle been shot every on the show and to a certain extent such an extensive battle has never been experimented on tv so far which could give a real taught to even a film’s battle sequence. The first Anatomy Of A Scene this here had been the heartbreaking Cave Battle from Episode “The Door” and now it’s the showdown between Jon and Ramsey. The makers certainly were quite aware of how significant it was to build up the tension in each part and not just threw away the victory in once hand. Some certainly had to die (Wun Wun) and some were brought to the absolute rise as Jon Snow, who was almost going to die as he came of his own people. When he had almost given up during the battle realizing they are all going to be dead soon, that’s when we saw him rise back taking a big gulp of air to the old Jon Snow that he was. Though we did miss that Ramsey would at least try to give him some punches so that Jon could give those back with even more force, but as we all he didn’t really give Ramsey that kind of an opportunity.

None the less the Battle would be season 6 most exciting and remembered moments, also Miguel Sapochnik’s second best-directed episode in the series, the first one being “Hardhome”. We now set out a course to the finale of the season 6 the coming Sunday on June 26, 2016, with “The Winds of Winter”.

Battle Of The Bastard Director Miguel Sapochnik Explains His Intention on Ramsey Bolton’s Death


The most pleasuring sequences in the last Sunday 9th Episode “Battle of The Bastards” would be the one of the Jon beating the shit out of Ramsey after he is finally captured in Winterfell castle. Also in whole the entire episode had this really driving force kind of feeling in every single shot and sequence that kept us hooked to the screens. But when asked about it by the very makers of the show, the director Miguel Sapochnik on the whole of the battle shoot, he said, It was a little surreal but mostly fun. I mean you have to make it fun to take the nastiness out of it on set. And then moving ahead in this same interview by Entertainment Weekly when asked about the process of bringing Ramsey Bolton back into the cages and his captures, his words were, We spent an entire day beating Ramsay

“Early on, Kit [Harington, who plays Jon Snow] and I discussed what that moment was and how it should be an empty victory for Jon…From a certain point of view, Battle of the Bastards is all about his journey back to life, at the 11th hour, rediscovering the desire to live.”

Game Of Thrones 609 Interview

It certainly was his journey back to life, after some much of bloodshed and conquering Winterfell, now he has a certain value for himself and the life he is to lead, thus, that impact has to be set right on the screen while shooting this particular scene. We believe it has reached up to almost everyone who watched the episode and even enjoyed seeing Ramsey taking those beatings, but in the reality Iwan Rheon who plays Ramsey “Took it on the chin a few times.”

Another piece of conversation by Miguel Sapochnik came in via Reddit which talked more about the finale scene of Ramsey tied up in his own dog’s cages, while Sansa pay him a last minute visit and then the dog ate him. That certainly was quite brutal but this wasn’t it would have gone as Miguel, “kind of wanted to make people start to feel for Ramsay in that wonderful way Thrones turns these things on their head.” But the show’s makers, writer-producer Benioff, and Weiss were quite clear about that, “They didn’t want anyone to sympathize with Ramsay Bolton and this time they wanted blood because Ramsay needs to die, and horribly. This is what the audience has been waiting to see”

Miguel even went on to explain about how horrifying the imaginations were worked, so to show it correct which even sounded correct,

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Interview

“There’s no need to dwell on the actual carnage. What’s left to our imagination is always way worse. The most effective moment for me was the sound of a squealing pig you hear from Ramsay in the background as Sansa walks away. Apparently it’s actually what happens when you rip someone’s windpipe open while they’re still alive and gasping for air.”

But from all that Miguel has done on both the episode, 9 and 10 which is yet to come on screens, there is one very odd choice he holds onto while picking up his best moment on the show as he explains and provide us with one, “There’s a moment where she turns to leave but then stops and leans back in, lingering a moment longer. It’s my favorite shot of my episodes this year.”

Everything About Game Of Thrones S06E09 “Battle Of The Bastard” Before Tonight’s Arrival


Hardly a week to remain before we arrive the finale with Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter” and every single story that has been bought to develop though the span of last 8 episode will come to a conclusion to their respective season 6 climax. We had skipped episode 9 is because what belongs to episode 9 Battle of The Bastards is the story which holds the backdrop of Winterfell, a battle between two of the most influential bastards of Westeros standing against each other to claim their control over Winterfell and become the ultimate ‘Lord of Winterfell’. But thinking of this episode as about only war is a misconception that HBO has made us all believe into with the Battle of The Bastards Official Preview Trailer and the striking Images from the episode. But the show is much bigger than you even expect of moments to occur as we bring you every single inside detail about “Battle of the Bastard” you’ll need to know.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Spoiler- Battle Of The Bastards

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Synopsis-Battle Of The Bastard

The show has suddenly turned itself down with few promotional material for the final two episode of Season 6. Officially announcing that HBO won’t be revealing any synopsis to the show made us rely only on the images and preview trailer to draw a bit of the storyline of what to expect. But a brief synopsis of Game of Throne 609 made its way out when HBO sent its official entries and submission for the best of Season 6 for the consideration at the 68th Emmy Awards 2016, which according to the makers were the final two episodes, is different categories that had the episode 9 and episode 10 brief description been provided and hence we bring you the same here:

“Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.”

Warning: Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Spoiler Arrives Ahead!!!

Now the synopsis certainly also talk about the Battle, which has already been hyped up by the makers of the show in the interview, about the battle between Jon and Ramsey. Apart from the showdown between the two bastards, Ser Davos will finally be brought to the truth about Shireen’s death and hence another confrontation between him and Melisandre. According to the trailer, there are still lots more emerging talk between the two siblings Jon and Sansa Stark and the finally Jon paying Melisandre a visit only to warn her about not to bring him back from the dead.

Game Of Thrones S06E09 Spoiler and Synopsis- Battle Of The Bastards

But of all these situations we came across a twitter image, which states that the episode will also visit all the way across the narrow sea to Meereen which is presently under attack with Daenerys arriving in the city. Under this whole threatening situation the Greyjoy siblings arrive from the sea into their fleets, only to help Meereen get rid of the attack by the Masters, thus helping the two Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys meet and form an ally. Here is an excerpt from those images which says,

“This week’s episode sees Yara Greyjoy and her brother Theon finally make it to Meereen where the Ironborn warrior finds an admirer in Daenerys.”

With that being said and coming back to Winterfell, we also reported this week that who might win the war and so for those who do not like to spoil themselves, do not attempt to click this link here and enter the battle outcome.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Preview Trailer- Battle of The Bastard

The trailer certainly gives us grandeur pictures at this delicate and intense battle, which even lets us see the brave but anxious side of Jon Snow, when he says, “Thousands of people don’t need to die, Only one of us.” Those words seem to be said to none other than Ramsey himself, he rejects or accepts the one on one seems dubious according to the synopsis. Anyway, catch the trailer for the final time before the show opens the battle tonight:

Game Of Throne 609

Episode Title: Battle Of The Bastards

Ep. Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Ep. Writer: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

Ep. Timeline: 60 minutes

Ep. Air Timing: 9 p.m. EST

Ep. Streaming Online: Live 1 and Live 2

Casting Calls: Game Of Thrones is Looking For Two New Character For Season 7


The season 6 is almost done with just two more episode to showcase on television, one gets telecast tomorrow Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastards and the final Episode 10 The Winds of Winter goes done next Sunday. So just 10 more day for Game Of Thrones Season 6 is brought to close, but the preparation for the next Game Of Thrones Season 7 has already begun, confirms a report by Watcher on the Wall stating the makers of Game Of Thrones have sent out Casting call for two new characters for the following Season 7. Hence, we provide here the every bit of information on what all elements these characters are based on which the show will be involving them in season 7.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 New Character

Warning: Possible Game Of Thrones 7 Spoiler Ahead!!!

The process of casting seems a bit early but is not, by the time Season 6 gets over the next week after that will get more such look out for the character, as the production will begin with season 7. The show presently is looking forward to two new actors and casting for these two new characters demands:

A 16 Year Old Northern Girl
For this part the specific description mentions, they need someone which has got a northern accent and has to be fare for the character is going to be part of “a high-stakes scene with leading cast members.”

A 10 Year Old Northern Boy
Similar as above need to have a northern accent and is needed for the same scene but for appearing as a teenage girl in the show.

Casting Calls for Game Of Thrones Season 7 has Begun, Looking For Two New Character

No specific physical description has been provided yet but if we sit down to speculate there are few things that we come across as we do have the bit of a lead as they had mentioned saying, it’s for “a high-stakes scene with leading cast members”. According to Watchers the girl character at the age of 16 years can be cast for none other than Lyanna Stark who happened to be at the age of 16 when died and thus it concluding that it might be her or else these two might be part of one of those enigmatic Bran Stark’s vision but then we had a question about how do they then get along with the leading cast member who will be in the present moment. So either they are part of Bran Stark’s vision or are completely new characters belonging to some Northern House, this well only time will tell us and when it does we will make sure that it gets revealed and updated out here.

Until the time stay up for more such inside news related to Game Of Thrones and don’t forget to Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9  for Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton faceoff on HBO Networks tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST sharp.

HBO Publicize Episode 9 for the “Battle of The Bastards” But Involves Other Storyline Too


The much hyped upcoming Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 is one of the biggest of the show so far from Season 6. As the title itself mentions the Episode is about the Battle of The Bastards means the Jon-Ramsey faceoff has been put and publicize in such a way that it only gave everyone a broad picture about the action taking place on the Battleground to gain control over the Winterfell. Ramsey holds Sansa Stark’s younger brother Rickon Stark and as both Jon and Sansa decides to claim their ancestral home, Ramsey makes a deal to give back Sansa claiming she is her wife and a mother to House Bolton’s future heir. So in every promotional material of this week, be it the official Picture or the official Preview Trailer hints towards the show to entirely remaining in one location, means the North. But that isn’t the case.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Spoiler-Battle Of The Bastard

Yesterday a shot of an article by a popular magazine TV & Satellite was published on twitter by the Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson, which promises us that there is more to the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of the Bastards, here check out the tweet:

The excerpt from the images of the magazine mentions these as clearly the content to be part of the episode…

As Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton do battle in the North, elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms it’s the female characters who look the most likely to rule Westeros as season six comes to a close.

This week’s episode sees Yara Greyjoy and her brother Theon finally make it to Meereen where the Ironborn warrior finds an admirer in Daenerys.

All of this has been said by Emilia Cark herself who plays Daenerys Targaryen and with last week’s episode that concluded the Meereen story with the arrival of Daenerys in the middle of the attack by Great Masters though sea over the city of Meereen. Also with so many another storyline yet to be brought to a place where the show could actually end the season with would need even bigger episode then the finale episode is 69 minutes long. Hence, the episode 9 being the second biggest and is more than hour-long episode cannot just be about the war and the battle n will definitely be moving to the different place so to bring every once story to a definite climax in Episode 10 “The Winds Of Winter”.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastard

So do not forget to Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Streaming Online Live on HBO Streaming Channels or on television on June 19, 2016, on HBO Networks.

Battle Of The Bastards – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 (S06E09) Live Stream: Watch Online


Every time we reach the end of a season of Game Of Thrones, the excitement just rise high above our conscious, we are literally in a mood and if possible would have brought the Sunday which seems so far to the present moment. But that cannot happen and so HBO always comes to our rescue in some or the other ways by providing us some inside feed related to the episode, such as providing the official Trailer of the episode. But one thing with regards to Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle of The Bastards hasn’t been given away is the official synopsis as the channel this week decides to not proved any official or full synopsis of the final two episode of Season 6, but indirectly it does reveal a partial synopsis of both the final Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 and Episode 10 Synopsis, which we would be displaying it below along with which we are also providing you people ways of How can you Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Live Streaming Online.

Where to Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Live Streaming Online- Battle Of The Bastards

Where to Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Live Streaming Online- Battle Of The Bastards

As huge and popular something gets, more curiosity it arose among the audience and they often want to catch up on the shows again, Such as for this weekend episode everybody would want to Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Streaming Online. Because on the television screens when the show one telecast that particular episode one doesn’t get that liberty to Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode again, whenever they want and this process only takes place on the streaming channels, where the episodes can be watched online anytime. So for this week’s episode to get and to Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Online Streaming one can switch to HBO’s official streaming channels such as HBO Now and HBO Go. To provide you people with the actual self of HBO GO and HBO Now to Stream Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Online, we would like to inform you people that HBO Go works great for all those people who have got the official Subscription to HBO Networks and thus registering to HBO GO Here one can avail access to HBO GO and can Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Online and its latest episodes with other HBO television series too on any of their device which has got internet connectivity to them.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Synopsis & Description- Battle Of The Bastards

Now with the another HBO streaming service which is the HBO Now, is open for all the customer, regardless of whether they have or don’t have HBO Subscription and can enjoy it again online on any of their devices such as Apple Tv, iPhone, iPad, Chrome television, Google Play etc. Also for the fresh new customers the channel allows you a first-month free subscription and from next month onwards it would charge you with $14.55 each month. So without wasting much of your time get started with HBO Now Here, and Watch Game Of Thrones S06E09 Streaming Live Online.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Synopsis & Description- Battle Of The Bastards

There hasn’t been any official synopsis out for Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle of The Bastards as HBO this in its press release confirmed that they would be sending out any such official Episode 9 and Episode 10 Synopsis and thus this particular part of information will be called off for the final two episodes. But in the very same week HBO gave in the submission of season 6 best of the performance of the actors, best episodes and different categories in which the makers felt the season has excelled and thus these have been considered for the 68th Emmy Awards and so in the Emmy Ballots of the Submission the makers pronouncing the final two episodes of the season 6 to be the best also mentioned a brief synopsis in this category, which goes this way:

“Terms of surrender are rejected and accepted.”

So talking about the terms based on the condition of fewer people against a large number of the army will definitely have negotiations between them, but the interesting part would be that how these negotiations will be held among the Ramsey Bolton and Jon Snow. There have been official images well which can be checked out here.

Battle Of The Bastards – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 (S06E09) Live Stream Watch Online

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Preview Trailer- Battle Of The Bastards

The Preview Trailer of Game Of Thrones S06E09 is the only thing that provides you people an overview of what’s going to take place in the episode and as per our knowledge it’s all about revelations, battle, and bloodshed, check it yourself and Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Online Preview Trailer:

Experience The War In These Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Pictures from “Battle Of The Bastards”


The war is about to being this Sunday as HBO will showcase season 6 much awaited Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle of The Bastards and as both the fighting parties Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton stand against each other on the battleground the actions, intensity and thrill will be 10 times more than the entire season 6 itself. Well we are around this week’s that particular day when the channel official releases Game Of Thrones 609 Images and now with this first set of pictures one thing is certain that no other storyline will be established in this particular episode and it just going be the faceoff of Jon-Ramsey dealing their case of who would hold onto North. So you’ll better take a look at these stunning and action-packed pictures from episode 9.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Images- Battle of The Bastards

  • Well, this side which looks quite formless and with men in less number must be from Jon’s side, but are still prepared to face the Bolton and their supporter, Umbers and the Karstark.

Game Of Thrones 6 Battle Of The Bastards Images

  • We have seen this frame before, as it is the opening frame of the official Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Preview Trailer.

Game Of Thrones 609- Jon Snow

  • Another bigger one for those who would like to watch him a bit closely, though this particular image is more of looks like Jon has just arrived the ground of the Battlefield. Watch out for his clothes in this images and the one that above.

Game Of Thrones 609 Jon Snow

  • Sansa Stark to Jon’s side looks strong and confident as they both gaze towards the other, might be to take a keen look at the Bolton army.

Game Of Thrones 609 Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

  • Ser Davos Seaworth to their side, sitting on the horseback is also ready this time to fight. Which means we’ll finally seem him talk but with his sword.

Game Of Thrones 609 Ser Davos Seaworth

  • We have got only one image from the House Bolton on the Battlefield. Ramsey Bolton on his horse ready to face the enemy, holding onto the support of the Umbers and the Karstark. Look at the banners and the Shields the soldiers held.

Game Of Thrones 609 Ramsey Bolton

  • This here we have Tormund Giantsbane in actions, shouting and ready to charge attack upon the Bolton Army as the wilding army strike ahead.

Game Of Thrones 609- Tormund Giantsbane

  • The benefit to having a Wildling on your side, you get a giant in your team which is equal to 10 men or maybe even more, here we have Wun Wun running towards the army of Bolton.

Game Of Thrones 609- Wun Wun

Apart from these images, we have got few more been updated by the Farfarawaysite, which isn’t the official one from the HBO like the above once. But are the genuine images from the Battle of The Bastards and also especially because these also bring together images from the other side of part too and the supporter their supporter, the Bolton with Umbers, Karstark, and the Army.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Jon Snow Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Sansa Stark Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Davos Seaworth and Tormund Giantsbane Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Tormund Giantsbane Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Tormund Giantsbane Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastard Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastard Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Ramsey Bolton and Harald Karstark Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Smalljon Umber Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Smalljon Umber Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 House Bolton Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Ser Davos Seaworth Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Jon Snow Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9- Sansa Stark Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Melisandre and Jon Snow

The next official set of images by HBO will be up maybe tomorrow possibly and we would be updating it here as they arrive.

Best Game of Thrones Quotes from Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi)


Game Of Thrones is possible one of those shows which hasn’t just provided a strong plotline and introduced to the most exciting world but has possibly got some of the most distinct characters that just cannot be found on any other television show. That is the reason why the show has had such a huge popularity and impact on the masses belonging to so many regions across the globe. Among the favorite from the very beginning have been Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and offcorce the recent return from the dead Jon Snow. They all had been so compelling from the very moment we have seen them on screens portraying their part. Like the wit and intelligence of Tyrion whom his very own family do not support much but it is his quality and the persona of being brave, intelligent and sheer royalty which is quite flexible that makes him likable. Next in our list is Daenerys Targaryen, the one lady from whom almost all the fans have got great hopes and also is kind of an influential figure to the lot, she indeed has been a powerhouse,  a great leader and stromborn that no man can stand her ideals.

Finally, one person who grew great attention in the finale episode of Season 5 when we saw him die in Mother’s Mercy. Still, people had great believed that he would be back and that’s exactly what took place and that feeling when he came back it indeed was a sheer pleasure to watch him. Many do have great respect, look up to him and already take him as a leader that is worthy of a second life. And it has been their characteristic and the word they often come up with which draw audience towards them to like every single saying and doing in the show. So not just there but with the inclusive of these three and many other characters striking words coming out their mount every now and then have been compiled and brought to you people in these amazing Game Of Thrones Quotes.

Game Of Thrones Quotes from Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Game Of Thrones Quotes_Daenerys Targaryen Game Of Thrones Quotes -Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes Tyrion Lannister. Game Of Thrones Quotes Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes Tytion Game Of Thrones Quotes Ned Stark Game Of Thrones Quotes Joffrey Baratheon Game Of Thrones Quotes Jon Snow Game Of Thrones Quotes- Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Quotes Cersei Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes Daenerys Targaryen Game Of Thrones Quotes- Daenerys Targaryen Game Of Thrones Quotes Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Quotes- Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes Sansa Stark Game Of Thrones Quotes Jaime Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes -Jon Snow Game Of Thrones Quotes- Jon Snow

Game Of Thrones Quotes- Tyrion Lannister. Game Of Thrones Quotes_Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones Quotes Edd Stark

We hope we have covered at least those which we feel are the dialogues from the actors that has been considered to be some of the best, we believe this is one of those engaging post by us, catch for more such Game Of Thrones update here with us at Winds of Winter.