What is the Oriental Secret in Korean Diets to Lose Weight?

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Korean diets favor the consumption of vegetables and fish. Also, they take into account the cooking modes and avoid frying, which reduces the contribution of fat. Asian women have drawn attention in the West because of their thin figure. Although genetics greatly influences this characteristic, we cannot deny that their type of diet plays a very important role, mainly, Korean diets. Western cuisine now influences oriental cuisine. However, countries such as Japan and Korea preserve many traditions of their diet that allows them to take care of their health and maintain a stable weight. In fact, Korea is at the top of the world life expectancy and its obesity rate is minimal compared to other developed countries in the world. What is your secret? Why is it considered so healthy? This time we have compiled the main characteristics of the Korean diets that allow losing weight.BP Zone

Secrets of Korean Diets to Lose Weight

Korean diets have become popular around the world due to their slimming properties. However, do not confuse your basic principles of eating with the dangerous “miracle” diets, since they are completely different things. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of Korean cuisine, diet plans have been designed that may lack nutrients. So

“Before adopting any diet, it is best to consult a nutritionist to determine if it is appropriate for our health”.

In general, there are some “secrets” of these diets that can serve as an example to adopt a healthier and balanced diet. Below we review in detail the most important.

High Consumption of Vegetables

The fresh vegetables along with rice are the basis of the Korean diet. These low calorie foods are present in all your main dishes.

  • Algae
  • Mushrooms
  • Green leaf and cruciferous vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots

Low Meat Consumption

While in many countries of the West meat is the main food, for Koreans it is secondary. For this reason, your diet is lower in saturated fats than in other places.

  • Red meats are replaced by fish and seafood , foods that are sources of omega 3 and high quality proteins.
  • When preparing meat, cook it roasted or baked, trying to have as little fat as possible.

Spicy Soups

By tradition, soups are a fundamental part of Korean foods. They are light dishes, easy to prepare, which thanks to their combination of ingredients provide a greater feeling of fullness.

  • It should be noted that many recipes contain spicy spices , which promote the proper functioning of the metabolism to increase energy expenditure.

Infusions of Plants

Another reason to consider Korean diets as a way to lose weight is by its content of infusions or teas of plants.

  • In Korea it is usual to prepare green tea, Barley tea or roasted barley tea, all famous for their fat-burning properties.
  • They are digestive drinks that optimize the cleaning process of the body, facilitating the reduction of measurements.

Kimchi: a Traditional Dish

Kimchi is a traditional dish that is key in Korean diets. It is listed as one of the healthiest foods in the world, as it contains vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

  • What is kimchi? It is a fermented food based on Chinese cabbage dehydrated with salt, accompanied with garlic, ginger, fish sauce and peppers.
  • This spicy food is included in a large number of foods, especially since it is satiating and very low in calories.

Few Refined Flours

Bread and other foods prepared with refined flours are not the strength of Korean diets. Its consumption is quite low and, in fact, it is usually replaced by healthy options such as fruits or whole grains.

Preparation of Food

Korean diets not only take into account the combination of foods and the number of calories. Another of its keys to maintain the nutritional quality of the dishes is the cooking method with which they are prepared.

  • It is rare that food is fried. Instead, choose to broil or boil the preparations.

Much Water

In addition to incorporating plant infusions as a complement to the diet, Korean women also consume plenty of water throughout the day.

  • While all balanced diets have this recommendation, in this case we recommend an amount of 2 to 3 liters per day.

Do you dare to put into practice the secrets of the Korean diet? Remember that you should not adopt a strict or hypocaloric diet. It is enough to adopt these simple principles in a balanced plan.


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