Some Crazy Tricks that Helps You in the Weight Losing Diet!

Weight Loss

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There are some mental tricks that you can apply daily to lose weight in a more effective way. We show you below. The mental tricks can be a good way to get better regulates our meals and quantities. Therefore, we recommend you to follow these mental tricks that will help you lose weight and follow more easily a healthy diet.

Mental Tricks

1. Use Smaller Plates and Longer Cups

When you use very large plates, unconsciously you serve larger portions. Your brain is easily fooled by changes in perspective, something like an optical effect. By using this to your advantage, you can reduce the amount of food without the feeling that you are depriving yourself. Therefore, size does matter when it comes to your plate. But once you have found a reasonable size, an important question appears: what will I serve on that plate? We tend to start thinking about how much meat, chicken, fish or stew we will serve, that is, we see the protein as the protagonist of the dish. This is where the trick to lose weight comes from.

“If we start thinking about vegetables as protagonists, it is likely that the food will be healthier automatically”.

On the other hand, remember that your brain is easy to cheat. If you consume something that tastes sweet, but does not provide sugar – such as dietary sweeteners – your brain continues with the craving for something sweet and makes you more susceptible to falling into a sugary trap later.

2. Count the Number of Times You Chew the Food

You can start doing it as a game that helps you taste your food and eat more carefully. Count the number of times you chew each food and try to increase the number in each bite. In this way, avoid eating more than the account and you will feel more satisfied without feeling about to explode. It also helps make subsequent decisions much healthier and thus lose weight will be a simple task. Also, eating slowly is a way of thanking what you have on your plate. It is important to promote a philosophy of respect for our food, and one way to do it is to taste them with more care.

3. Measure the Quantities Before Serving Them on the Plate

Eating directly from the container causes we to lose control over the food portions, which causes us to eat much more than the amount needed to satisfy us. Therefore, it is important that you always measure what you serve and do not eat directly from the container. Do you remember the trick of the smaller plates? You can do the same to fool your brain: use a smaller spoon to serve you. Thus, unconsciously, you will feel that you are serving much more than usual.

4. Divide Large Containers into Smaller Ones

Consuming a larger portion means that you consume more than 70% of the food and, of course, more calories. But small portions are able to provide a similar feeling of satisfaction to the larger portions. The fourth of these mental tricks is to place your food in small plastic bags or containers. This helps you feel as if you eat the whole package and it satisfies your brain. For example, divide the bag of nuts – such as walnuts, almonds or peanuts – into smaller bags. When you feel a craving for something salty or hungry between meals, you’ll just have to take a bag.

An important point to remember: do not eat directly from a package; serve the portion in a container.

5. Place the Healthiest Foods in Sight

Our brain chooses those foods that we have more within reach and, if we have healthy foods ready to eat, we will be deciding better 100% of the time. Therefore, place fruits and vegetables at your fingertips, and hide foods that do not help you lose weight, away from your reach. An important point is to test your willpower once in the supermarket and do not buy processed foods.


With all this we can achieve a healthy diet without falling into the cravings that will prevent achieving the expected results.


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