Battle Of Bastards – Who Will Win Jon Snow Vs Ramsay Bolton? Spoilers & Prediction


Almost close to the finale of Game of Thrones 6 and many stories are set in different places in the Westeros, but the main focus this week would be on Winterfell as Jon Snow finally marches with his armies of Wildling and supporter like Lyanna Mormont n her House and few more small houses from the Northern region of Westeros. It all began when Sansa reached Castle Black only to be reunited with his half-brother Jon Snow and became pretty adamant about getting their home back from Ramsey Bolton. Things get serious and challenging to finally find more people to gather support to march Winter fell against Bolton when that threatening letter by Ramsey arrive at Castle Black with the news that Rickon Stark has been captured by him. So the stage was ultimately has been set from past few episodes and it’s going to be this particular Sunday when Game of Thrones 6 takes it curtain up for the Battle of the Bastards. And we have arrived here with some inside and legitimate details about who ultimately become the Lord of the North (Winterfell) and if one is supposed to die, who would it be. So check out this legit Game of Thrones 609 Battle of the Bastards Prediction.

Battle Of Bastards – Who Will Win Jon Snow Vs Ramsay Bolton Spoilers & Prediction

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Prediction and Spoiler

Before we get straight to the conclusion of the Battle, let us just give you’ll an overview about the two parties in the battle at the North. House Stark lead by Jon Snow has got a very limited source of Wildling man with the rustic and fierce Tormund Giantsbane. This horde of Wildling has also got Wun Wun on their side, Ser Davos and Sansa makes up for a great support to Jon alone. Sansa earlier even made a point about them lacking an army, unable to get her concern pass Jon’s conscious about the Battle, she sends a secret raven to someone, somewhere. Many predict it to be Littlefinger who has got the army of Vale which could come in as reinforcement, other than these they have got House Mormont and their few bunch of ferocious man, to make up for an army standing against Ramsey Bolton. Who holds on to first of all his own army, then the Umbers, Karstark and that enough to beat the Stark.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Prediction and Spoiler

So this makes the battle seems to be in the hands of the Bolton’s, but as we speculate the show won’t kill Jon once again in the series as this won’t make any sense, so that leaves us with the negotiation part which even the Episode 9 brief synopsis points out to:


Battle Of The Bastard Jon Snow vs Ramsey Bolton Spoiler

Warning: There is a Possible Game Of Thrones S06E09 Spoiler Ahead!!!

But this is all we can just speculate and hence when we recently we came across a post on Reddit which confirms that there will be a capture and brutal death of Ramsey Bolton, Jon Snow’s victory at the battle and Rickon Stark getting killed in the Battle of The Bastards. A subredditor ASOIAF’s Megathread  states the whole story that follows every single action and spoils the entire story of final two episode of GOT 6. Confirming the tit bits from the Reddit UserTruede who verify the leak stating that, “In a negotiation both Jon and Ramsey meet in the Battlefield, Rickon is released and as he runs toward Jon an arrow came from the side of Ramsey kills the boy, Ramsey is captured and Jon has won the battle. The next thing Ramsey is fed to his own hounds that he used to torture and kill people.” Well, the same Megathread had another UserDocmantistobogan who is said to have been worked on Game Of Thrones and confirms the leak to be true, do check their links and one more thing they state is that lost many likable characters such as Tormund or Davos might also die in the process of taking back the Winterfell. It is still not very sure about Ramsey will be killed in the varying episode 9 or his story will come to the conclusion with ever other stories anti-climax in the finale episode of Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter”.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9-Ser Davos Seaworth

Episode 9 is a 60+ minute episode which involves the revelation of Shireen sacrificed to death for the victory will be brought in front of Ser Davos and hence a confrontation with Melisandre, but along with this it is even said that a portion of Daenerys arrived in Meereen at the disastrous scene of attack been taken place by the Grate Masters will also be involved in the episode. Everything and these make Game Of Thrones S06E09 Battle of The Bastards even more exciting and tempting and hence take a look at the Preview Trailer of the episode here: