Season 6 of Game Of Thrones certainly have had its own charm thought-out and with few little hiccups in between for some of the episode, the show caught the eyes of the viewers back with the final two episode of the show. But the latest news reported by Zap2It about Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 10 “The Winds Of Winter” will blow your mind with the kind of viewers it has attracted on last Sunday. The Sunday night Season 6 finale had been watched by almost 8.89 million viewers and that number breaks all of the previous viewership counts.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Viewership Rating

Season 5 finale Mother’s Mercy before The Winds of Winter was the holder of the most-watched episode in the series with the viewership count of 8.11 million. Last year season 5 had two episodes crossing the 8 million mark of live viewers (Premier and Finale) but the average viewership per episode in season 5 ranged between 6-7 million, whereas Season 6 had a very firm viewership count that ranged between 7-8 million and finally breaking the record that came close enough to 9 million viewers.

Often we have to see viewership number dropping down even after few years of the successful run of the show but with Game Of Thrones, one can acknowledge that with the present viewership number the audience of the show has kept on growing. But presently Season 6 has become the most watched season in the whole of series and we hope to see such a charisma and crazy for the show remain sustained even till the final two Season.