The finale episodes of Game Of Thrones has always been part of some of the most epic scenarios taking place first (the 9th episode) and then bringing all the acts together (in the 10th episode) to reach the most shocking and gruesome finale of the show. The traditional of Game of Thrones finale has got a collective impact of final two episodes per season and this year Game Of Thrones 6 became quite the most stunning season in whole of the series and to capture the essence of the making of the show HBO had another great after the making Docuseries been arranged, titling it The Game Revealed-a five-part documentary series that now bring us the show two of the best and the finale episodes behind the actions cuts, production process, creation and the world full of creative intelligence that went in to make the Episode 9 “Battle Of The Bastard” and Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter.”

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastard-Behind The Scene

Episode 9 entitled “Battle of The Bastard” itself states that two of the Bastards of North will come against each other to put one another down only to rule the Winterfell and that was supposed to be one in a kind battle as Iwan Rheon who was exacted about this particular sequence said, “I was waiting for Jon Snow”. The episode has the biggest battles the show has created in the entire series. Then was the capture of Ramsey Bolton and that one on one fight that ultimately brought millions of fans and audience watching the show a satisfaction that they have been waiting for. Finally, the episode also explores that avenging, grim yet, back to karma kind of final confrontation sequence of Sansa-Ramsey who is ultimately killed by his own Hounds. The show certainly was named as Battle of Bastards but it even showcased the under attacked Meereen, just when the Queen Daenerys Targaryen arrive the city and that was the epicness of the show that strengthens bringing new allies.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 The Winds Of Winter-Behind The Scene

The Finale Episode 10 “The Winds Of Winter” was yet another shocker and destroys at the same time at least the sequences had that destructive aura and nature into it, then be it the destruction of Sept of Baelor or be it Cersei’s destructive ideology which has got in as she has put herself on the Throne holding the crown of Seven kingdoms. The next significant scene of all the scene was Daenerys finally gears up, getting ready with all the army and her allies sail to Westeros, much more and these all gets discussed all in details in this final and fifth episode of The Game Revealed.

It is beyond this episode that we see the Winter finally beginning and that last maybe until the end of the series which the producers says to bring it down with finale Season 8, but right now our wait is for none other but just Game Of Thrones Season 7 in 2017.